Betterback Exercises

At the BetterBack Clinic, we use a wide range of in-office and home-care based exercises and therapy to help you maximize your results.

For example, we utilize many elements of The Pettibon System for "warming up" the body in preparation of the spine for treatment. In our opinion, warming up before treatment is just as important as warming up before exercising!

Typically, the BetterBack Mobility Class is what we recommend people attend within the first two weeks of beginning treatment in the clinic. This class is focussed on exercises that are designed to improve mobility and function, reduce symptoms, and speed the healing of injuries. In our experience, people who do the BetterBack Mobility exercises at home "Get Better Faster" than those that don't!

After the BetterBack Mobility exercises are going well, people are often looking for more advanced exercises that will challenge them even more! Improvements in posture, balance, strength and endurance can be achieved by doing the more advanced exercises we prescribe.

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For people who have specific distortions of their spine or an abnormal posture, specific tools are utilized to help correct the problem. At the BetterBack Clinic, we utilize a wide range of simple and affordable tools, including the Denneroll brand of spinal orthotics. Designed by a chiropractor in Australia, these devices can be very helpful with treating a wide range of spinal problems.

For people with more serious postural or degerative problems, we may recommend that a Custom Spine Brace be used in conjunction with the BetterBack in-office and BetterBack at-home programs.


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