Custom-Made Shoe Fabrication and Modification in Victoria

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Are you looking for Custom-Made Shoe Fabrication and Modification in Victoria? Our team at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy - A BetterBack Clinic!

Are your feet hurting you in Victoria?

We can help.

If you have unique or atypical anatomy, our Certified Pedorthist can fabricate customized footwear, especially for you.

Part of our approach is to make a three-dimensional casting of your foot and lower leg and then determine what is therapeutically most beneficial for your condition.

Additionally, our Certified Pedorthist can modify your retail shoes and sandals, and/or build corrective orthotic footbeds into your current shoes. This can be helpful for a number of conditions, such as a discrepancy in leg lengths or the need to accommodate a bunion.

Our Certified Pedorthist can also stiffen the soles of most shoes, and/or create a rocker-bottom shape to the sole of a shoe to off-load a painful toe or forefoot condition. High-heeled shoes can also be modified to lower the height of the heels or add cushioning or meta-tarsal supports.

Custom silicone toe spacers can also be made specifically for you, if you are dealing with soreness of your toes due to a hammertoe, or other painful conditions, such as Morton’s neuroma.

Our practitioners have expert knowledge of all types of retail footwear and are happy to examine your feet and offer suggestions about what may work best for your feet.

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