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The acronym NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association

NUCCA in Victoria is a chiropractic technique that was developed over 50 years ago. NUCCA restores health through body balance. Body balance may be compromised when your head is not resting properly on your spine.

This correction is guided by detailed analysis that confirms how your head and spine are aligned. NUCCA is not like typical chiropractic adjustments; rather, it feels more like light soft pressure on the side of your neck. This treatment realigns the head to balance on top of the spine to where it belongs. While this may seem simple, this creates benefits for your whole body.

How does NUCCA Help in Victoria?

While we often think of our separate body parts, all of these parts need to work well together to achieve body balance.

The way you support your head may cause body imbalance, which leads to adverse effects throughout the body. If this is happening, you may feel sore muscles in your neck and back, fatigue, weakness, headaches, jaw pain, arm or leg numbness, dizziness, or even digestive problems.

Here's how NUCCA works. Your head is supported by muscles around your spine that extend to the low back. Your body tries to find the most efficient way to support your head, but this may not be a healthy posture that causes stress. Your ability to properly hold up your head may be compromised for a variety of reasons, including stress, pain, or injury (even seemingly minor injuries like bumping your head, sleep position, or poor posture at your computer work station).

How your head is balanced on your spine is important, since major blood vessels and nerves travel through the narrow channel between your head and spinal column. If this pathway is pinched or restricted, then you may experience adverse effects. NUCCA can correct this imbalance.

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