Do You Have Scoliosis in Victoria?

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Many people suffer from scoliosis in Victoria. Typically, scoliosis begins as a minor bend in the spine that progresses over time, making the spine, posture, and cosmetics more and more abnormal. The curve (or curves) can start either when people are young and the spine is still growing, or when people are older secondary to degenerative and/or postural changes.

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If Scoliosis is discovered and cared for properly during its early stages, it can often be improved or at least prevented from worsening over time.

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Adolescent Scoliosis In Victoria BC

The cause of scoliosis in young people is unknown in most cases. We know that genetics play a role, as scoliosis tends to run in families. Biological sex also influences the risk of scoliosis, as adolescent scoliosis is significantly more common in females than in males.

During growth of the spine, a curve can increase in size due to a vicious cycle of abnormal loading of the spine influencing how the new bone is growing (making it more asymmetrical), which in turn alters the curve and posture even more, which further alters the loading, and so forth.

Often parents, friends, dance instructors, coaches or the young person his/herself notice the presence of adolescent scoliosis with a change in posture and/or body symmetry. The reason scoliosis is often detected during adolescence is because rapid growth spurts can make the curve(s) suddenly worsen, making them "appear" and become noticeable.

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Adult Scoliosis In Victoria

Scoliosis affects all ages, including adults. In fact, scoliosis is far more common in adults than in children. This is due to the fact that as people age, the incidence of scoliosis increases. By age 65, one in three people have scoliosis! By age 80, it is one in two!

There are two main types of Adult Scoliosis: 1) Adolescent Scoliosis in an Adult (ASA), which is a case where a person who had scoliosis when they were young still has it in adulthood. Over the years, ASA curve(s) may progress and get bigger, but these changes are often slow and gradual. Adolescent Scoliosis in an Adult may progress by 1 to 2 degrees per year which does not sound like much, but over the years/decades it adds up.

2) Degenerative De Novo Scoliosis (DDS), which is a case where a person who did not have scoliosis when they were young develops one during adulthood. DDS curves can develop secondary to abnormal posture, injuries and degenerative changes of the spine causing a loss of spinal stability. This loss of stability can cause a buckling of the spine and the creation of a curvature that was not present earlier in life. DDS curves tend to be more progressive than ASA curves due to the loss of spinal stability.

Our team of experienced scoliosis clinicians provide patient-centered and evidence-based care. A thorough assessment of a person with scoliosis is essential, and typically includes a physical, functional, neurological, and radiographic (X-ray) examination. Once we know what you or your loved one has, our team can provide the right treatment to meet your needs and goals.

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