Chiropractic Testimonials

“I cannot speak highly enough about the exemplary service I have received at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic. The staff provides efficient, friendly service, and the clinical team has consistently exceeded all expectations with their knowledge, skill and professionalism. I have walked in on numerous occasions feeling nauseous with pain, and left pain-free.

- Nicole N.

“I’ve been seeing the clinicians at the Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic since 2001 and he is a true healer with an amazing hands-on approach. He is not just your average physiotherapist! His knowledge always surpasses my expectations and I always leave the clinic feeling positive and optimistic about recovering from whatever brought me in. I’ve also had great chiropractic treatment at the clinic and even traditional acupuncture for sports-related and other health issues. It’s great to be able to access a variety of health services in one clinic!”

- Angela C.


“I felt comfortable with the massage therapist right away. She is very personable and has excellent massage skills. She adapts the level of massage pressure as needed, listening to both her own instincts and to me. She is excellent at deep pressure massage. The last ten minutes of my massage treatments are relaxation massages at my request! Massage treatment has really helped my chronic back and neck pain.”

- Carol M.

"As a parent of a daughter with severe scoliosis, I am so pleased with the SpineCor brace. My daughter’s condition was diagnosed late and I felt that we needed to be as proactive as possible; she was fitted with the SpineCor brace by Dr. Gage 6 weeks after being diagnosed. The SpineCor brace is amazing because it is comfortable and almost unnoticeable – my daughter completely complies wearing it.

It encourages her to remain active and strong – both are key elements in the maintenance and care of her back and general health. Dr. Gage’s chiropractic care and exercises are also key components of my daughter’s long-term strength and well-being. I feel that the SpineCor brace and active chiropractic care are the keys to a positive program to correct or stabilize a condition that will only get worse if not managed and actively treated. It won’t go away or get better (by itself).”

- Humphries P.

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