Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a parent of a daughter with severe scoliosis, I am so pleased with the SpineCor brace. My daughter’s condition was diagnosed late and I felt that we needed to be as proactive as possible; she was fitted with the SpineCor brace by Dr. Gage 6 weeks after being diagnosed. The SpineCor brace is amazing because it is comfortable and almost unnoticeable – my daughter completely complies wearing it.

It encourages her to remain active and strong – both are key elements in the maintenance and care of her back and general health. Dr. Gage’s chiropractic care and exercises are also key components of my daughter’s long-term strength and well-being. I feel that the SpineCor brace and active chiropractic care are the keys to a positive program to correct or stabilize a condition that will only get worse if not managed and actively treated. It won’t go away or get better (by itself).”

- P. Humphries


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