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Did you know that we do high-quality digital x-ray imaging in Victoria? Our clinic has been taking x-rays and offering high-quality x-ray services to Victoria chiropractors for over 15 years. Normally, we can offer affordable same-day service to you and your patients.

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Please download the following x-ray requisition form and once you have filled it out, either email or print/fax it to our office in advance of your patient calling and booking their x-ray appointment.

Click HERE for the BetterBack X-ray Requisition Form

By the time your patient has gotten dressed again, a CD with their x-rays burned on it will be ready to take back to your clinic! Each CD contains user-friendly viewing and chiropractic annotating software for you to read and prepare the imaging for review with your patients; no installation of software on your computer is required! Below are some examples of what the software looks like and the tools that are available:

Chiropractic Victoria BC X Ray Chiropractic Victoria BC X-Ray

How We Can Help

At The BetterBack Clinic, being able to properly visualize your spine adds to our understanding of your spinal problem, which is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art fully digital X-ray system.

The only way to determine whether or not the spine is structurally healthy is with proper imaging. Digital X-ray is the new standard of spinal imaging and is done first, before advanced imaging (like an MRI or CT SCAN) is considered. X-ray also has the advantage of being able to take the images in a "weight-bearing" position (sitting or standing), unlike CT or MRI which are done laying down in almost every case. When imaging is done in a weight-bearing position, the spine is "loaded" and structural instabilities and other problems like disc compression can be more evident.

Proper imaging of the spine allows us to safely and quickly identify degenerative issues and postural problems that may affect your treatment plan, recovery time, and overall prognosis. Recent scientific literature suggests that low-dose (diagnostic) X-rays are VERY SAFE and suggest that not taking imaging can be more harmful to the patient. Click HERE for more information about X-ray safety.

In addition, we can identify congenital (born-with) deformities and other serious conditions (like scoliosis or hyperkyphosis), the quality of bone you have, as well as the overall alignment and orientation of the bones in relation to one another. Ensuring that your symptoms are NOT being caused by a serious or life-threatening pathology such as a fracture, cancer, tumors, infection or other bone disease is obviously important, especially when such serious problems may not be obvious with just a consultation or physical examination! If your X-rays show signs of disease or pathology that cannot be treated by us, you will be referred to the appropriate health care professional.

By correlating your symptoms and physical examination with our x-ray findings, we can ensure that we have a "clear picture" of the problem and what can be done about it!

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