Multi-Directional Traction & Scoliosis Traction in Victoria BC

Chiropractor Victoria BC Brad Gage With Traction Therapy Patient

Multi-direction and scoliosis traction in Victoria BC focuses specifically on lengthening and stretching the ligaments in your spine to improve posture and balance in your spine. The ligaments in your spine are strong and responsible for how your vertebrae is positioned on top of the other one. For most patients who experienced chronic neck, mid-back, lower back and headaches and didn't improve from traditional chiropractic treatment, we found there are also abnormal posture and balance.

Did you know we are one of the few clinics in Victoria, BC equipped with this specific traction device to address the structural cause of your spinal problem?

Chiropractor Victoria BC Dr Brad Gage Adjusting Patient Traction

Multi-Direction Traction

Multi-Direction Traction can help patients with reduced, straightened, reversed neck curve, an excessive round of mid back (Hunched back), forward head posture, swayback posture, flat back posture, and Scoliosis.

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Scoliosis Traction in Victoria BC

Scoliosis Traction in conjunction with bracing and Scoliosis-specific postural exercises are shown to be beneficial in improving balance, posture and Scoliosis-related pain syndromes. Our Victoria Chiropractors can assess, diagnose and design comprehensive care to help patients with Scoliosis at all ages.

Chiropractor Victoria BC Dr. Brad Gage And Patient Scoliosis Machine

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