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At The BetterBack Clinic in Victoria, we use a wide range of in-office and home-care-based exercises and therapy to help you maximize your results.

For example, we utilize many elements of The Pettibon System for "warming up" the body in preparation for the spine for treatment. In our opinion, warming up before treatment is just as important as warming up before exercising!

Exercises for Better Health in victoria

Typically, the BetterBack Mobility Class is what we recommend people attend within the first two weeks of beginning treatment in the clinic. This class is focused on exercises that are designed to improve mobility and function, reduce symptoms, and speed the healing of injuries. In our experience, people who do the BetterBack Mobility exercises at home "Get Better Faster" than those that don't!

Mobility Exercises

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After the BetterBack Mobility exercises are going well, people are often looking for more advanced exercises that will challenge them even more! Improvements in posture, balance, strength, and endurance can be achieved by doing the more advanced exercises we prescribe. Click the link to log in and view your prescribed WebExercices here!

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For people who have specific distortions of their spine or an abnormal posture, specific tools are utilized to help correct the problem. At the BetterBack Clinic, we utilize a wide range of simple and affordable tools, including the Denneroll brand of spinal orthotics. Designed by a chiropractor in Australia, these devices can be very helpful in treating a wide range of spinal problems. For people with more serious postural or degenerative problems, we may recommend that a Custom Spine Brace be used in conjunction with the BetterBack in-office and BetterBack at-home programs.

Check out the exercise of the day here!

Pro Lordotic Exercises

For instructions on the proper use of your new Pro Lordotic Neck Exerciser, please see the video below:

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Please note that only people with a flattened upper back should do Exercises 7 & 8. Please check with your BetterBack doctor to see if those two exercises are applicable to you before performing them!

The latest version of the Pro Lordotic Neck Exerciser (which has the elastic bands covered by a sheath, like the picture below) is color-coded according to the strength of the elastic bands inside of it, as follows:

Chiropractic Victoria BC Physiotherapy Neck Bands

  • Red >> Easy pull (20 lbs.) For Petite Adults, Seniors, and Children with reduced strength
  • Blue >> Medium pull (25 lbs.) For Average Adult Females and Smaller Males
  • Green >> Strong pull (35 lbs.) For most Adult Males and Stronger Adult Females

However, if you have limited neck mobility, pain, or degenerative issues, you may have to use an "easier" resistance at the beginning and "work up" from there!

This new version of the Pro Lordotic Exerciser has two additional steps that are required to use it properly, compared to the older version demonstrated in the video above. You can download or print these additional instructions by clicking here.

Prior to using the Pro-Lordotic Neck Exerciser, you should first place the exerciser behind your neck, grasp the handles firmly, and fully extend your arms straight out to your sides. Then move your extended arms forward to the front of your body and begin performing the Pro Lordotic Exercises.

Scoliroll Exercises

The ScoliRoll is a device specifically designed to be an important part of the treatment and at-home rehabilitation of Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine). There are two different types of ScoliRoll, each with a unique shape. One is made for the treatment of scoliosis in the mid-back (Thoracic) area, and the other is for the treatment of scoliosis in the lower back (lumbar) area.

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