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Are you interested in learning more about how kinesiology works and how the treatments could help you recover from an injury? This article will give you information on the Kinesiology treatments we offer in Victoria.

What is Kinesiology in Victoria?

Kinesiology treatments use muscle testing to identify energy imbalances and stressors within the body. In collaboration with other health practitioners at the Cedar Hill Sports Therapy- A BetterBack Clinic, a certified kinesiologist can design a rehabilitation program to address individual injuries. Our Kinesiologist Chantelle also worked with the Women's soccer team at the University of Victoria and the Highlanders to enhance athlete performance and injury prevention.

The following are areas kinesiology can help:

  • Elevate your health and fitness performance
  • Injury assessment and rehabilitation
  • Return to work/disability management
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Working Ergonomic assessment

Other certifications and experiences related to kinesiology we offer are:

  • Rock Tape Certification
  • Meditation Instructor
  • Gentle movement and relaxation program (Pain BC)
  • Finding Balance: Dual Task, Cognition, and Vestibular Training

Kinesiology Treatment Rates:

Schedule your 60-minute initial kinesiology assessment for $85!

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45-minute follow-up visits for kinesiology treatment are only $75!

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30-minute follow-up visits for kinesiology treatment are only $55!

Call (250) 744-2882 Today!

Chantelle is offering Kinesiology treatment Monday, Tuesday from 9-12pm, Wednesday 12-6:30 pm, Thursday 9-12pm

Please call and schedule an appointment with Chantelle at (250) 744-2882.

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