Kinesiology in Victoria

Chiropractic Victoria BC Kinesiology Treatments

Are you interested in learning more about how kinesiology in Victoria works and how the treatments could help you recover from an injury?

What is Kinesiology in Victoria?

Together with other health practitioners at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy - A BetterBack Clinic, a certified Kinesiologist can design a rehabilitation program to address individual injuries or performance issues. Our Kinesiologists have worked with high-level sports teams to enhance athlete performance and injury prevention.

Kinesiologist may help:

  • Elevate your health and fitness performance
  • Injury assessment and rehabilitation
  • Return to work/disability management
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Working Ergonomic assessment
  • ICBC injuries

Kinesiology Treatment Rates:

Schedule your 60-minute initial kinesiology assessment for $85!

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45-minute follow-up visits for kinesiology treatment are only $75!

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30-minute follow-up visits for kinesiology treatment are only $55!

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Please call (250) 744-2882 to schedule an appointment.

Meet Our Kinesiologist

Chiropractic Victoria BC Megan Tochar Meet The Team


Megan Tochor

Megan grew up with an interest in sport, movement and physical activity, and this eventually led her to complete her bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics at UBC Okanagan. Since graduating, she has gained experience working with and treating a wide range of clientele. She is always eager to expand her knowledge base around human movement, biomechanics, and general health and enjoys continuing education in her field.

She firmly believes that movement and an understanding of your own body is a key component to overall health and wellness. Megan is passionate about working with individuals on their unique wellness journeys. She finds it rewarding to witness them achieving new goals, realize their body's true potential, and find their own self agency in their path to wellness.

In her off time, you can find her taking and teaching yoga classes and exploring the beautiful outdoor spaces on Vancouver island.

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