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Brad Gage, D.C.

Dr. Gage is Western Canada's only Advanced-Certified doctor in the "Chiropractic BioPhysics(CBP) technique, an evidence-based spinal rehab system. CBP treatment includes condition and posturally specific exercise, adjustments, and multi-direction traction therapy. The CBP method can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including abnormal posture, spinal deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis, as well as pain.

He also utilizes Spinal Decompression Therapy for the treatment of disc problems and to reduce symptoms that radiate into the arms or legs.

All of the patients at the BetterBack clinic are encouraged to learn home-care exercises that help people "Get Better, Faster"!

Dr. Gage has experience in and utilizes other adjusting techniques to complement the more structurally-based CBP Technique to best match your individual needs, preferences, and goals, including several different low-force instrument-based techniques.

Dr. Gage's non-work interests include riding his motorcycle, fitness and exercise, wood working, and a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, hiking, and sport shooting. He is also an avid audio-video enthusiast! He has been married to his lovely wife Debbie for over 29 years and is the proud father of three active healthy young men.

Chiropractic Victoria BC Jerry Lam

Jerry Lam, D.C.

Dr. Lam utilizes manual and low force chiropractic adjusting techniques because he believes everyone's body is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' approach to your body. Dr. Lam specializes in spinal traction and specific exercises alongside the adjustment to correct abnormal spinal curvatures and reduce pain, enhance body function and health.

Dr. Lam's first experience with chiropractic was through his recovery from sciatica after years of wear and tear as an athlete in combat sports. At first, he thought it would go away after a couple of days on its own like it had many times before. He tried heat, ice, stretching and massage, however nothing he did was helping with his pain and disability.

He was referred to a colleague practices judo who is a chiropractor in town. After a series of chiropractic adjustment and rehabilitation, Dr. Lam finally got out of pain and disability for the first time in a long time. He not only returned back to the same level as before, he started to perform at an even higher in his sport. Dr. Lam’s experience with chiropractic is what lead him to pursue his Doctor of Chiropractic so that he can serve his community with the same life-changing chiropractic care that he received.

Dr. Lam is one of the few chiropractors in Victoria who are fluent in both Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and is also licensed to practice chiropractic in Hong Kong. He was born in Hong Kong and completed his Doctor of Chiropractic with Summa Cum Laude at Life Chiropractic College West in California, USA.

Dr. Lam's recreational interests include judo, fitness, table tennis and basketball. He was invited to train with the Hong Kong Judo Team when he was 16. In the year of 2015, Dr. Lam achieved his black belt and became a coach for 3 years at South China Athletic Association in Hong Kong. His hard work ethic in sports has now translated over to working hard to provide excellent care to his new community. Dr. Lam has a strong passion for helping others, and could not be more honoured to be working at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic and serving the Victoria community.


Julian Smith, DC, FRCCSS (C)

Dr. Smith studied Kinesiology at the University of Victoria and then obtained his Chiropractic degree at Palmer College in San Jose, California. He completed the Fellowship Program in Sports Sciences through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) and has 25 years experience treating back and neck problems, musculoskeletal pain, and sports injuries.

He has also been fortunate to work with many medical and allied health professionals and draws on his broad clinical experience to formulate individual treatment plans that support the needs and goals of each person.

Dr. Smith was recently head of Chiropractic Services in the largest private hospital in Doha, Qatar, where he also participated in an International Olympic Committee advanced team physician course. His approach to care is a collaborative and interactive process to gain a thorough understanding of each person’s problem and find a solution that works for them. Treatment is multi-modal with a focus on active rehabilitation and exercise, manual therapy and soft tissue injury management, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

Dr. Smith has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, is a Fellow with the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) and is currently completing a Masters in Rehabilitation Science from the University of British Columbia.

He enjoys hiking and cycling in the mountains, European football, gardening, and more recently horses.


Fleur Brouwers, C PED (C)

Trained in The Netherlands, Fleur has been working in the Pedorthic industry since 1992. In 2005, she earned her designation as a Certified Pedorthic Master Craftsman, the highest designation possible in the field of Pedorthics.

Fleur is a passionate orthopaedic shoemaker, who loves to get her hands on the “impossible feet” to fit.

She fabricates custom footwear, modifies retail footwear, and fabricates custom foot orthotics and toe spacers.

Fleur moved to Victoria in January of 2006, and received her Canadian designation of Certified Pedorthist that same year.

In her free time, Fleur enjoys admiring architecture, art, photography, and spending time with her family on the beach.

Chiropractic Victoria BC Riley Collins Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist

Riley Collins

Riley Collins is a graduate of the Camosun College Registered Massage Therapy program. Riley chose to become a Massage Therapist to help others connect their mind and body – her intention during each treatment is to create a calm and supportive space wherein patients can develop their healthcare goals.

Her treatment style is varied and adapted to each patient’s needs; she takes a patient-centred approach, empowering her patients through Massage and home-care programs. She creates short- and long-term care plans and enjoys offering self-care tips to supplement the programs.

Riley treats all types of musculoskeletal injuries using a mixture of deep tissue massage, Swedish massage techniques, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, neuromuscular techniques, and scar work amongst others. Supporting people’s health goals in a multidisciplinary clinic and working as part of a team is very important to Riley. Each treatment involves history questions, assessment, re-assessment, and homecare to give the patient the best Massage Therapy can offer.

Wellness Massage Treatments:

As she waits to write her registration exams to become a Registered Massage Therapist, Riley is offering Wellness Massage treatments only. Wellness Massage treatments are NOT covered under private health insurance plans, ICBC, DVA, or WCB until such time as she is fully registered. Wellness Massage treatments are offered at discounted rates compared to RMT rates.

Wellness Massage treatments focus on general well-being and use Swedish massage techniques. These techniques can apply deeper tissue work but certain modalities will be added after she becomes an RMT.


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