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Are you looking for excellent chiropractic care in Victoria? For an excellent summary of an evidence-based approach to improving your health, watch this webinar above: Chiropractic, Omega-3, and Vitamin D: The World’s Most Evidence-Based Spinal Recovery, Wellness, and Prevention Protocol (click to start).

Understanding the BetterBack Program in Victoria

Initially, The BetterBackTM Program is designed to help restore function and mobility, which helps reduce symptoms. We recognize that when most people walk through our door for the first time, they are looking for RELIEF! We combine effective in-office treatment with home-care programs to help you maximize your results. All patients are given the opportunity to sign-up for the "TM Mobility Class to learn what they can do on their own to "Get Better Faster"! The BetterBackTM Corrective Care Program is designed to address the underlying problem(s) or condition(s) that likely caused the acute symptoms you had when you first came to the clinic!


The BetterBackTM Care program

Many people have an accumulation of old injuries, degenerative/arthritic conditions, as well as postural problems that predispose them to bouts of acute symptoms throughout their life. If these underlying problems are not addressed, then not only are the symptoms are likely to return, but even worse is the fact that further spinal decay and reduced body function are almost inevitable!

  • Corrective ("Rehabilitative") Care: promotes stability in the spine by optimizing the conditioning, strength and endurance in spinal muscles and ligaments, as well as helping organize the neurological patterns and reflexes responsible for the posture, control, and movement of your body.
  • Maintenance/Wellness care: To preserve and maintain your progress. Wellness care is also designed to maximize your potential for stable and healthy spinal function as well as identify small problems before they become large complicated ones which are more difficult and costly to deal with. Preventitive health care is the most productive and cost effective type of health care.

For a graphic example of how this decay process occurs slowly over time, click on the following link:



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